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Beebe’s Bargains FB Community is about providing you the opportunity to connect with others who enjoy saving money and sharing experiences in a positive place. In our community, we not only post all our deals but also engage with you and love having fun. You’ll find that our team works hard to make our online community a positive and encouraging place. We’d love to have you join the 66,000+ people who have found a place to belong in our Beebe’s Bargains online community.

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Beebe’s Bargains, founded by Lauren Beebe, is your ultimate destination for discovering top online deals on everyday products from your favorite retailers. With a team led by Lauren and her husband, Jon, our goal is to save you both time and money so you can engage more with those you love and the things you love. While we don’t directly sell you the deals, using our links to make purchases supports a woman-owned small business. We’re committed to finding you great deals from reputable retailers, enhancing your life, and helping you afford those little extras for your family. (Image: Jon & Lauren Beebe)

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When Lauren and Jon first married, like most couples they were on a tight budget and were looking to save a few dollars where they could. Lauren then started Beebe's Bargains to share her search for savings with other families in the community. Lauren and Jon work with Amazon Services LLC Associates Program to find your family savings and bargains for day-to-day purchases. Come to Beebe's Bargains to get notified of the most recent and largest deals on children's toys, food, snacks, gifts, household appliances and more. Join our Facebook group or download our app on IOS or Android to receive links to recent deals and specials.