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Date night…my favorite night! Date nights should be a priority in any relationship…whether you’re just getting to know someone or you just celebrated your 30 year wedding anniversary, it’s so important to make time for each other. Even with all the complexities of life (work, kids, school [for either you or the kids], hectic schedules)…taking the time to get some undivided attention from your partner will allow for growth in any relationship. In addition to my own brainstorming and some of my favorite date night ideas, I surveyed a few of my friends and family to get their input. Collectively, we came up with a great list! 

  • We all have that favorite restaurant, but why not try somewhere new?  Branching out and trying new things together could very easily create a new favorite! 
  • Go shopping when time isn’t an issue, and you can browse the aisles for as long as you please! There’s something to be said for a stress free, no rush shopping trip and even better when you can do it together. Feel no guilt if part of that shopping is a trip to the grocery store! In this day and age, we so often make a list for the other person to shop for on their way home or the next time they’re out. Swap that out for creating a combined list and hitting the aisles together. 
  • If you’re an active couple, burn some calories before you consume them! Go for a walk or run, bike ride or take a class together. It does a body and mind good to let everything go (and maybe even get rid of some stress or worry built up from your day) and in turn be refreshed for the rest of your date night. Added bonus, feel a little less guilty about the food & drinks you enjoy at dinner! 
  • Cook one of your favorite meals together. This doesn’t mean that one partner should sit at the counter sipping wine and snacking while the other puts in the rest of the work. Make it a team effort and play off of each other’s strengths in the kitchen. Are you better at chopping veggies? Prep those peppers and onions while your partner perfects the sauce! Be creative! And then enjoy a delicious meal you know was made with love. 
  • Include another couple on your date night! While it’s nice to spend time alone, it’s also a great time to take advantage of a group date. Look for things that are fun to do with friends…a cooking class, dance class, Escape Room, or go to a local creative studio that offers DIY workshops. There’s sure to be fun had by all! 
  • Do you and your partner share a common love for a team or even a sport? If you’re lucky enough to live close to your favorite team’s sports venue and travel and tickets are within your budget, why not throw on your team gear and head to the big game? And if that’s not feasible, show your support for a local sports team and cheer them on at their next event! Add dinner and ice cream, and it’s sure to be a well-rounded date! 
  • Take a wine, brewery or food tour! If where you call home has landed you in an area abundant with delicious restaurants and breweries on every corner or a strip of wineries within miles of each other, take advantage! How fun would it be to bounce from place to place, trying a flight here, a glass there and an appetizer everywhere! (Hint, hint…you may want to also combine this date idea with the exercise date as well 😊). If you haven’t planted roots in this type of area, find the closest city or town where it is possible and make a day trip (or 1 night stay) out of it. It will help you learn about your area (or a new one!) a bit more and allow you to branch out and sample a variety of food & drinks! 
  • Go on a date without leaving the house! Let’s face it. We’ve all had that experience where we’ve planned a fun date night, consisting of dinner out, walking around town and maybe even catching a movie to end the night. And then when it comes time to start getting ready, you realize you’d both just rather stay home, order in and binge watch a new show on Netflix. And who cares! Whether it was a long day (or week!), it’s 20 degrees out and you’d rather stay in your sweats, or you’re just not feeling a crowd, that’s okay! There’s nothing like enjoying a date night in your home, sweet home. 

I hope some of these ideas have inspired you to plan your next date night with your partner. Adding date nights on a regular basis will not only give you both something to look forward to, but also keep the spark alive! As the holidays approach and our schedules fill up, make it a priority to get something on the calendar.   

Happy date night planning! 

Your friend,

Kait (Beebe’s Blogger)

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